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Dr. Stacy Rubtchinsky I am a board certified and practicing Family Physician who has a deep love of Judaism. My background is detailed below: My journey to becoming a Mohelet:

During my residency I performed many medical circumcisions in the hospital and in the clinic. As I started practicing medicine, I had the opportunity to attend many Brit Milah ceremonies of friends and family. At each one I left feeling that such an ancient and important ritual should feel more spiritual and more joyful. In January of 2002, pregnant with my first child, I served as a Kvatereen (honored guest) for my newborn nephew. It was at that moment, that I knew I could combine my extensive Jewish background with my love of medicine, to offer a unique perspective to the traditional Bris.

Over the next few years, I completed my residency and began building my practice at the Family Doctors in Swampscott, MA. All the while, reading and researching circumcision and the Halacha associated with the Brit Milah. Then, in 2007, I trained with Dr. Neil Pollock in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Pollock is a physician and Mohel who is world renowned for his development of a painless circumcision technique. He has trained me in his method of Brit Milah and I am pleased to bring this unique option to your families.

Dr. Stacy RubtchinskyIn October, 2008 I had the incredible opportunity to perform the Brises for my newborn twin sons. At the beautiful ceremony I was able to fulfill the Mitzvah of Milah (circumcision) for my own children. It was a spiritually uplifiting and fulfilling moment for me as a mother and as a Mohelet. It is not until I had the experience of circumcising my own sons that I was able to understand Brit Milah from both religious and personal perspectives.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends procedural anesthesia for circumcision. Since I am a physician, I am able to provide both topical and local anesthesia for your son in order to assure that he will be as comfortable as possible during the circumcision.
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